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ATLAS.ti is a powerful workbench for the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio and video data. It offers a variety of tools for accomplishing the tasks associated with any systematic approach to "soft" data--i.e., material which cannot be analyzed by formal, statistical approaches in meaningful ways. ATLAS.ti provides unique support for all areas of document- based analytical research and works with text, audio, and video material. ATLAS.ti helps you to uncover the complex phenomena hidden in your data. ATLAS.ti offers a powerful and intuitive work environment designed to keep your focus centered on your material.

New - Amberscript for superior audiotransciption!

 We are very proud to announce that we added a helpful new tool to our portfolio: Amberscript. It is the perfect addition to your qualitative data analysis software such as ATLAS.ti, NVivo or MaxQDA.

Amberscript turns your audio/video files into high-quality transcripts – quick and easy. You do not have to spend hours with your recorded interviews but you can start immediately with your transcripts. Available in Dutch, English and German. More languages soon!

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Starting at €249.00
ATLAS.ti 8

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