Application Jukebox

Application Jukebox suite of products are targeted for those customers, such as ISVs, MSPs, Telcos and Enterprises, who intend to host cloudpaging services on their own infrastructure. If you prefer a hosted service, you may want to check our recently introduced Numecent NaaS - "Native as a Service" platform, which is a white-label offering, hosted on Amazon Web Services. Application Jukebox is a result of world-class talent and more than a decade of application delivery research. In its eighth release, Application Jukebox™ software is a mature platform with a superior design at its core. It enables any existing Windows® applications to leverage Numecent's Virtualized Application Delivery to PCs, where they run, perform, and act as if they are natively installed using Cloudpaging technology.

Our years of experience mean your success today

With projects that varied from special U.S. government projects for the Pentagon to live-streaming the latest first-person point-of-view video games, Application Jukebox has met the challenges of the world's most demanding customers.

Application jukebox powers some of the largest software companies

Major thin-client and software tool vendors OEM Numecent’s software to deliver applications to their user base. Customers have reduced their cost of application delivery, while improving service levels, simplifying management, and improving reliability. With Application Jukebox, users access and work on their applications as if they were installed locally. There are no performance issues and no complicated proprietary web interfaces they need to navigate. Once activated, their applications appear in their Start Menus or on their desktop – just like local apps. This premium solution enables a wealth of opportunities for software vendors, software distributors, service providers, and e-commerce sites to deliver quality applications to customers on a daily, monthly, or annual basis. It's true software-as-a-service with the applications you already have—and no re-engineering! Application Jukebox solves major enterprise application problems. Application Jukebox enables secure, easy and instant access to corporate applications—without installing or configuring applications on everyone's PCs, or managing hundreds or thousands of desktops.

Application jukebox: SaaS edition

Do you have Windows® applications you'd like to sell to your customers on a service-basis? Whether you're a software vendor, a software distributor, a service provider, or an e-commerce provider, Application Jukebox SaaS edition is the missing link between your online store and your customer. With everything you need to turn your packaged Windows® application into a SaaS-ready solution, Application Jukebox gives your users trackable, enforceable access to any Windows app—with no re-engineering or web enabling. Whether you have a business-to-business or business-to-consumer focus, Application Jukebox immediately opens new revenue opportunities to deliver your applications for sale, rent, subscription, or try-before-you-buy.

Application jukebox: enterprise edition

Enterprises use Application Jukebox as a powerful way to deliver any Windows® application to employees and partners. With a simple download of the Application Jukebox Player – about the size of an IM client – the user simply selects the applications they want to use, activate them, and then begin using them. It usually takes 90% less time than typical installation mechanisms, and users can be instantly upgraded to the latest version, tracked for usage (so you're only paying for what you're actually using), and it works on even the most complex, memory-hogging applications—like Photoshop and AutoCAD. Photoshop takes less than 2 minutes to install and activate!

Low cost vs. good user experience

In enterprise IT, there's a constant push to reduce costs: virtual desktops, thin clients, and server-based computing technologies provide many low-cost models with higher levels of control for IT. The problem is that application performance can be severely affected, leading to low user satisfaction and skyrocketing help desk costs. Application Jukebox is praised by both end users and enterprise administrators: Virtualized Application Deployment reduce the pain of installation and activation for the user, as well as support, software updates, and usage enforcement for IT departments.

Application Jukebox