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  • nQuery Advisor + nTerim

    nQuery Advisor + nTerim

    Statistical power analysis and sample size determination are crucial elements of study design. ...
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    Starting at €100.00
  • NucX


    NucX is a desktop application which provides access to nuclear properties of over 3200+ isotope...
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    Starting at €25.00
  • NVivo 12

    NVivo 12


     You might be working with quali...
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    Starting at €68.00
  • OCMC Toolsuite

    OCMC Toolsuite

    Work better with Microsoft Word! The OCMC Tool Suite is an indispensable Microsoft Word app...
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    Starting at €3.00
  • OCMC WIndows FileScanner

    OCMC WIndows FileScanner

    Want to find your files always and quickly? OCMC File Scanner makes this possible. Long sea...
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  • OxMetrics


    OxMetrics is the name of a family of software packages providing an integrated solution for the...
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  • Paradigm


    Create your experiments using a flexible, drag-and-drop experiment builder. With Paradigm you c...
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    Starting at €129.31
  • Presentation Software

    Presentation Software

    Presentation is a stimulus delivery and experimental control program for neuroscience. It is op...
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    Starting at €237.07
  • Psychmate


    PsychMate® is a library of experiments designed to provide a means for exposing students to cl...
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  • QDA Miner 5

    QDA Miner 5

    QDA Miner 5 has been released! The new version introduces more than 25 new features that fac...
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    Starting at €512.93
  • RefWorks


    RefWorks allows users to create personal databases and use them for a variety of research activ...
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  • Scinet


    Scinet is the combination of Scinet Math and Scinet Chart

    Scinet Math is a suite of ...
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    Starting at €150.86
  • Scinet Chart

    Scinet Chart

    Scinet Chart is a powerful and highly flexible data visualization component for creating sop...
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    Starting at €85.34
  • Scinet Math

    Scinet Math

    Scinet Math is a suite of numerical software libraries that are 100% object-oriented and ful...
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    Starting at €85.34


    SI-CHAID is a program for performing CHAID (CHi-squared Automatic Interaction Detector) analyse...
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    Starting at €168.09
  • SimStat


    Simstat goes beyond mere statistical analysis. It offers output management features not found i...
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    Starting at €219.82
  • Stat-200


    Stat-200 is a remarkably comprehensive general statistics package. It incorporates all the desc...
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    Starting at €163.65
  • Stat/Transfer


    Makes Your Data Instantly Usable.

    Stat/Transfer is designed to simplify the transfer ...
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    Starting at €76.72
  • Stata 15

    Stata 15

    Stata is a complete, integrated statistical package that provides everything you need for da...
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    Starting at €259.00
  • Strater 5

    Strater 5

    Strater® 5 Stratigraphically Superior Well Log, Borehole & Cross Section Plotting Software ...
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    Starting at €128.45