AmberScript helps researchers to quickly convert audio files into editable transcripts. It therefore offers the ability to search through audio and video files easily.
Using the software, audio and video files can be uploaded into a web environment, and then users can choose the language into which the file should be transcribed. Currently AmberScript supports Dutch, English, and German.

After the audio file is uploaded and the preferred language is chosen, the file is quickly converted into an editable transcript. As soon as the transcript is ready, the user receives an e-mail notification with a link they can use to view the transcript in their personal web environment.

The transcript is machine-generated and is therefore not perfect. Consequently, AmberScript also includes a handy web-editor that offers the capacity to listen to the audio file and easily correct errors made by the machine at the same time.

As soon as the user recognizes an error in the transcript, they can easily stop the audio make an edit. After editing, there are several other functions that users can implement, like adding highlights in the audio file or exporting the transcript in several formats.


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Starting at €95.00

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