OCMC WIndows FileScanner

Want to find your files always and quickly?

OCMC File Scanner makes this possible. Long searches for files are very frustrating. OCMC's File Scanner for Windows finds all your files within seconds, even when it comes to thousands of files. FileScanner searches your entire computer. The advanced search options allow you to easily find your files.

- Search Faster than any other Windows browser with unique search technology.
- Smarter than any other Windows search tool, because it remembers the scan earlier.
- Does not effect the speed of your computer, is user friendly and virus free.
- Advanced Filter Options to refine each file category, extension, date or name of the file of your search.
- Intuitive interface, which is available in four languages​​, including an extensive help function.

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OCMC WIndows FileScanner

OCMC WIndows FileScanner Specifications

Platform Windows
Delivery time No
Medium Electronic
Version No
Supplier OCMC