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  • E-Prime Extensions for TOBII 3.0

    E-Prime Extensions for TOBII 3.0

    E-Prime® Extensions for Tobii™ combines the power of E-Prime with easy to use Tobii eye trac...
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  • EventIDE


    Creating an experiment in EventIDE is as easy as creating an interactive slide presentation,...
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  • Inquisit


    Inquisit is general purpose psychological measurement software that can be programmed to admini...
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    Starting at €247.90
  • Paradigm


    Create your experiments using a flexible, drag-and-drop experiment builder. With Paradigm you c...
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    Starting at €121.95
  • Presentation Software

    Presentation Software

    Presentation is a stimulus delivery and experimental control program for neuroscience. It is op...
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    Starting at €223.58
  • Psychmate


    PsychMate® is a library of experiments designed to provide a means for exposing students to cl...
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  • Superlab 5

    Superlab 5

    In continuous development since 1990, SuperLab 5 allows you to easily build experiments, even c...
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    Starting at €58.82
  • Superlab X5 for Eye Tracker Support

    Superlab X5 for Eye Tracker Support

    Cedrus announces our brand new product, SuperLab X5, which combines the awesomeness of SuperLab...
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