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  • AmberScript


    AmberScript helps researchers to quickly convert audio files into editable transcripts. It ther...
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    Starting at €95.00
  • ATLAS.ti 8

    ATLAS.ti 8

    ATLAS.ti is a powerful workbench for the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, gr...
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    Starting at €249.00
  • ATLAS.ti training

    ATLAS.ti training

    Please contact us for training options....
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  • F4/F5


    f4 is making scientific transcription easier and faster. Its core features: Replay speed can...
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    Starting at €70.00
  • F4analyse


    f4analyse supports you in analyzing your textual data. You can develop codes, write memos, c...
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    Starting at €150.00
  • Gallito


    Gallito 2.0 is a computational linguistic solution based on Latent Semantic Analysis, LSA, a w...
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    Starting at €180.00


    HyperRESEARCH™ enables you to code and retrieve, build theories, and conduct analyses of your...
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    Starting at €405.69
  • MAXQDA 2018

    MAXQDA 2018

    NEW! MAXQDA 2018

    After over two years of intensive development, it’s finally h...
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    Starting at €116.00
  • NVivo 12

    NVivo 12


     You might be working with quali...
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    Starting at €68.00
  • QDA Miner 5

    QDA Miner 5

    QDA Miner 5 has been released! The new version introduces more than 25 new features that fac...
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    Starting at €483.74
  • WordSmith Tools

    WordSmith Tools

    WordSmith Tools consists of: CONCORD Concord is a program which makes a concordance using p...
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    Starting at €55.28
  • WordStat


    Whether you need a text mining tool for fast extraction of themes and trends or achieve careful...
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    Starting at €467.47