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  • AcqKnowledge


    New Features and Enhancements Increase the Power & Flexibility of AcqKnowledge! AcqKnowledge so...
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    AGREEment on nominal data is a computer program developed for research situations where one or ...
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    £ 176.9

  • CART


    CART is the ultimate classification tree that has revolutionized the entire field of advanced a...
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  • Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

    Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

    CMA is incredibly easy to learn and use, with a clear and intuitive interface. The interactive ...
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    Starting at €142.28

    £ 126.48

  • CORExpress


    CORExpress® 1.1 implements Correlated Component Regression (CCR) and focuses on regression ana...
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    Starting at €239.84

    £ 213.2

  • Didger


    Didger® Discover the Ultimate Geoprocessing Toolbox! All the advanced georeferencing, digi...
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    Starting at €104.88

    £ 93.23

  • EQS


    EQS provides researchers and statisticians with a simple method for conducting the full range o...
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    Starting at €109.76

    £ 97.57



    GLIMMIX GLIMMIX is a powerful approach to segmentation based on latent class models. Mixture...
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    £ 88

  • GOLDMineR


    GOLDMineR is a generalized regression program for predicting a dichotomous, ordinal, or grouped...
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    Starting at €239.83

    £ 213.19

  • Grapher


    Bring your data to new heights! Grapher is the only graphics program you'll ever need. Creat...
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    Starting at €137.40

    £ 122.14

  • HLM


    Hierarchical linear and nonlinear models (also called multilevel models) have been developed to...
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    Starting at €458.00

    £ 407.13

  • Latent GOLD 5.1

    Latent GOLD 5.1

    Latent GOLD® is a powerful latent class and finite mixture program with a very user-friendly p...
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    Starting at €12.20

    £ 10.84

  • Lisrel 9.1

    Lisrel 9.1

    LISREL is the pioneering software for structural equation modeling, now including statistical m...
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    Starting at €205.00

    £ 182.23

  • MapViewer


    MapViewer™ Efficient Solution for Visually Displaying Spatial Data MapViewer is an afford...
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    Starting at €113.01

    £ 100.46

  • MARS


    MARS software is ideal for users who prefer results in a form similar to traditional regression...
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  • MSP 5

    MSP 5

    MSP, Mokken Scaling for Polytomous items, offers scaling facilities for the cumulative nonparam...
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    £ 200.01

  • nQuery Advisor + nTerim

    nQuery Advisor + nTerim

    Statistical power analysis and sample size determination are crucial elements of study design. ...
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    Starting at €100.00

    £ 88.89

  • OxMetrics


    OxMetrics is the name of a family of software packages providing an integrated solution for the...
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    Analyze, graph and present scientific data faster than ever with Prism 7! Overview GraphP...
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    Starting at €260.00

    £ 231.12



    SI-CHAID is a program for performing CHAID (CHi-squared Automatic Interaction Detector) analyse...
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    Starting at €158.53

    £ 140.92

  • SimStat


    Simstat goes beyond mere statistical analysis. It offers output management features not found i...
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    Starting at €207.31

    £ 184.28

  • Stat-200


    Stat-200 is a remarkably comprehensive general statistics package. It incorporates all the desc...
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    Starting at €163.65

    £ 145.47

  • Stat/Transfer


    Makes Your Data Instantly Usable.

    Stat/Transfer is designed to simplify the transfer ...
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    Starting at €74.79

    £ 66.48

  • Stata 15

    Stata 15

    Stata is a complete, integrated statistical package that provides everything you need for da...
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    Starting at €259.00

    £ 230.23