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fMRI equipment

Avotec Silent Scan 3300

Hearing protection. Communication. Stimulation.
A supremely simple system, rugged and reliable, that provides elegant solutions to common patient complaints about MRI exams. All this leads to happier and more comfortable patients, which means less time lo

Current Designs Fiber Bundles

The fiber optic bundle is used to connect the response device to the electronic interface.

Current Designs FORP Packages

Includes the computer interface, USB cable, and the removable fiber optic bundle, along with the response pad of your choice.

Current Designs FORP Response Devices

Only one response device can be connected to an interface at a time.For two-handed responses, order bimanual response devices.

Current Designs Interfaces

Current Designs offers 3 Interfaces: 904, 905 and 932.

Hyperion MRI Digital Projection System

The Hyperion Digital Projection System brings professional-grade video presentation into the MRI environment.


Lumina is a quality-built patient response system (also called button response unit, or BRU) designed for use in an MRI environment. It meets the requirements of both the clinical and research communities.
For maximum patient safety, the response pads are

Mo Trak System

Train participants. Reduce Motion.
MoTrak software uses Ascension Technology’s trakSTAR. The sensor attached to the subject’s head determines the position of the head in space relative to the transmitter. The sensor records angular rotations as well as po

Mock MRI Head Coil

Experience the full fMRI scanning environment.
A mock MRI head coil is an essential accessory to the MRI Simulator. Each head coil is keyed to fit securely to the table of the MRI Simulator and includes a head pad for participant comfort. Our head coil pr

MRI Simulator

Availability of an MRI Simulator is more important than ever for today’s researchers, professors, radiologists, nurses, technicians, and child life specialists. Failed scans and unusable data caused by claustrophobia, anxiety, and excessive head and body

MRI Vision Correction Lenses

Features:22 sets of anti-reflective coated lenses
Range of correction +2 diopters to +7 diopters in ½ diopter increments
2 pair of flexible plastic frame lens housings (glasses)
Snellen eye chart included
All contents in durable storage/carrying case
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